What Can I Do for You?

I enjoy telling stories to adults; I also enjoy telling to students of all ages, tailoring performances for the differing needs and interests of Elementary, Middle, and High school students.

I also conduct storytelling workshops for aspiring tellers as well as helping more experienced tellers to improve their skills and expand their horizons, to a variety of storytelling traditions, as well as the use of stories to promote character education by suggesting alternate methods of acting and reacting and promoting conflict resolution without using force or coercion.

I have a lot of experience telling stories in varied venues. If you need someone to tell entertaining stories at a festival, or a convention or just need entertainment for any occasion, call me.

For ghost stories who you gonna call? Me, of course.

Do you have an event where speakers/ presenters need to start and finish on time? Consider hiring a Master of Ceremonies- You guessed it- that's me. Thanks for considering me for your occasion. I would love to speak to you to find out exactly what you need so I can provide it for you!

To listen to some of my stories- and other fun stuff-Click Here

Contact me at

Marc Batten, Storyteller

email: danielbatten4@gmail.com

609 S Mechanic St.

Pendleton, SC 29670